King of New York: Power-Up Expansion

  • £12.99

With King of New York: Power Up!, Captain Fish, Sheriff, and their fellow monsters now have two unique sets of evolution cards (112 cards total) for both King of New York and King of Tokyo — and a new challenger joins them: Mega Shark!

With this expansion, rolling 3 hearts (not necessarily on the same turn) allows you to draw a card and access violent new powers. What's more, fans of King of Tokyo: Power Up! can now mix monsters from both games to compete for supremacy over Tokyo with evolution cards.

Player count: 2-6

Age suitability: 10+ (though we have played it with younger than this!)

Playing time with experienced players: 40 minutes

Playing time with new players: 40-60 minutes

Weight / Complexity Rating on Board Game Geek: 1.85 / 5

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Publisher: Iello

Designer: Richard Garfield

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